A global vision of the brand:
Five lines of research to understand what a brand is.

In order to better understand the brand, the Chair « Marques et Valeurs » hosted by the "IAE de Paris" GREGOR laboratory, plans to compare different views and mobilize several disciplines including strategy, marketing, human resources, finance and law.

  1. Brands & Strategy

    As an object of social representation, the brand guides and orients human behavior. How does the brand take shape in the organization? The chair deals with these questions first by analyzing how brand vision and identity are defined, and second, by studying the sources of legitimacy and the processes of legitimizing brands.
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  2. Brands & Marketing

    Brands deliver customers with value in different ways: they offer new products, use new communication means and they establish new relationships with their clients. Our researchers aim to better understand how brands innovate, how they communicate and how they engage with their different targets. In order to conduct this research, they use different approaches, such as social psychology, anthropology and semiology. What is at stake here is to grasp the various dimensions of the Customer-Brand Relationship.
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  3. Brands & Human Resources

    As the brand is multi-faced and unique at the same time, functional and emotional, it constitutes a powerful management lever for the company. How can the brand be a motivation tool for teams? In particular, how does the brand make it possible to mobilize energies in order to keep the promise made to customers? As it is full of meanings, the brand seems to become an important symbolic tool to communicate values and corporate culture within the firm. Our team analyses how the brand employee relationship can influence motivation and commitment to the firm.
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  4. Brands & Finance

    Nowadays, financial analysts consider brand-equity and customer-capital to be the firm's market-based-asset. What is the relationship between the marketing value and the book value of the brand? What is the true worth of the brand? How do financial markets react to brand management developments? Not only are we concerned with these core issues, but we also aim to identify new indicators that assess and promote brands.
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  5. Brands & law

    Despite a clear legal framework, many legal issues arise with each new use of a brand. What are the main legal tools in the development of brands? How can we protect brands? Our research team also deals with these issues.
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Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du mardi 9 janvier


Marques et RSE : l'apport sociétal des marquesCamille Cornudet

Nouveau site internet de la Chaire Marques & ValeursSamuel Haddad

Soutenance de thèse: Comment les marques créent-elles de la proximité ? Apport des théories de l’expansion de soi et de l’attachement

Nous avons le plaisir de vous convier à la soutenance de thèse de Tiphaine Gorlier

"Comment les marques créent-elles de la proximité ?
Apport des théories de l’expansion de soi et de l’attachement"


Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 07 Novembre 2017


Matérialisme et comportement du consommateur : causes conséquences et remèdes, Anne Vaal

Le Vision Tour de Nikon Optique, Michaela Merk, Béatrice Tachet

Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 12 Octobre 2017

L'influence de l'atmosphère du point de vente sur les réaction des consommateurs : le cas des magasins éphémères, Ghalia Boustani (PRISM)
État des lieux des activités de recherche en Marketing, Géraldine Michel (GREGOR)

Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 19 Septembre 2017


Making magic, art, and value: when consumers perform agency to things (Faire de la magie, de l'art et créer de la valeur : quand les consommateurs deviennent puissance d'agir), Stéphane Borraz (GREGOR)

La vie trépidante du chercheur : chercher, trouver, publier..., Géraldine Michel (GREGOR)

Managing Status: How Luxury Brands Shape Class Subjectivities in the Service Encounter

Auteurs: Dion, Delphine et Borraz, Stéphane

Journal of Marketing


Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 29 Juin 2017


Les facteurs d'adoption des objets connectés, Hubert Vaudein (PRISM)
Comment les marques créent-elles de la proximité? Apport des théories de l'Expansion de Soi et de l'AttachementTiphaine Gorlier (GREGOR) 

Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 20 Juin 2017


L'impact du marketing expérientiel digital en magasin sur le comportement du consommateur : pour une prise en compte du besoin d'expérience, Ilham Benbahia

Soutenance de thèse: La conversation de marque à la lumière de la théorie du face-work

L’équipe de la Chaire Marques & Valeurs a le plaisir de vous annoncer la soutenance de thèse d’Andria Andriuzzi intitulée :

"La conversation de marque à la lumière de la théorie du face-work.
Impact de la stratégie d’interaction des marques sur l’attitude des internautes

Séminaire de recherche, 24 avril 18h: Co-branding & Partenariats


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