A global vision of the brand:
Five lines of research to understand what a brand is.

In order to better understand the brand, the Chair « Marques et Valeurs » hosted by the "IAE de Paris" GREGOR laboratory, plans to compare different views and mobilize several disciplines including strategy, marketing, human resources, finance and law.

  1. Brands & Strategy

    As an object of social representation, the brand guides and orients human behavior. How does the brand take shape in the organization? The chair deals with these questions first by analyzing how brand vision and identity are defined, and second, by studying the sources of legitimacy and the processes of legitimizing brands.
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  2. Brands & Marketing

    Brands deliver customers with value in different ways: they offer new products, use new communication means and they establish new relationships with their clients. Our researchers aim to better understand how brands innovate, how they communicate and how they engage with their different targets. In order to conduct this research, they use different approaches, such as social psychology, anthropology and semiology. What is at stake here is to grasp the various dimensions of the Customer-Brand Relationship.
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  3. Brands & Human Resources

    As the brand is multi-faced and unique at the same time, functional and emotional, it constitutes a powerful management lever for the company. How can the brand be a motivation tool for teams? In particular, how does the brand make it possible to mobilize energies in order to keep the promise made to customers? As it is full of meanings, the brand seems to become an important symbolic tool to communicate values and corporate culture within the firm. Our team analyses how the brand employee relationship can influence motivation and commitment to the firm.
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  4. Brands & Finance

    Nowadays, financial analysts consider brand-equity and customer-capital to be the firm's market-based-asset. What is the relationship between the marketing value and the book value of the brand? What is the true worth of the brand? How do financial markets react to brand management developments? Not only are we concerned with these core issues, but we also aim to identify new indicators that assess and promote brands.
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  5. Brands & law

    Despite a clear legal framework, many legal issues arise with each new use of a brand. What are the main legal tools in the development of brands? How can we protect brands? Our research team also deals with these issues.
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21 july, When the chair Brands & Values meets the chair of Innovative Brand Management from Bremen

Belle rencontre conviviale entre les deux équipes de la Chaire Marques & Valeurs et la Chaire Innovative Brand Management de Brême.

28 juin, La Chaire M&V était à l'exposition de Barbie

Belle exposition au musée des Arts Décoratifs...en image!


Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 28 Juin 2016

La résurrection des marques : enjeux et pratiques, Johanna AGOSTINI
Reviving sleeping beauty brands by rearticulating brand heritage, Delphine DION

Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 16 Juin 2016


La proximité entre la marque et le consommateur : pratiques, perception et impacts, Tiphaine Gorlier (GREGOR)
Influence de la communication des hôtels via des médias sociaux sur l'intention d'achat du shopper postmoderne,Tatiana Dauxert (PRISM)

Conférence annuelle 6 juin : Les artistes et les marques

Invités d'honneur:

Olivier Gabet, directeur des Musées des Arts Décoratifs de Paris

Ludovic Houplain, co-fondateur du Studio H5

Dominique Wolton, sociologue, directeur de la revue internationale Hermès

Atelier "Marques & Valeurs" du 9 Février 2016

Placement de marques dans The Voice Belgique : efficacité et mesures de contrôle, Claude PECHEUX (GREGOR)

La relation marque-consommateur revisitée : approche théâtrale et importance des valeurs partagées, Valérie ZEITOUN (GREGOR)

Les rois et les reines de la Chaire Marques & Valeurs!

Les voici désormais rois et reines de la chaire Marques & Valeurs!
Découvrez en avant-première les photos de nos têtes couronnées;

Ouidade & Andria et Marie-Hélène & Arnaud!

Colloque "Quelle contribution de la marque à la valeur de l’entreprise?"

Les experts-comptables accompagnent les entreprises dans l’évaluation de leur marque devenue un enjeu économique de premier plan, et participent à l’élaboration d’une nouvelle norme internationale pour l’évaluation des marques à l’AFNOR.

Mon Mustread de Noël

The Brand News Blog nous livre ici un décryptage de l'ouvrage collectif de la Chaire "Quand les artistes s'emparent des marques".

Quand les artistes s'emparent des marques

Coordonné par Géraldine Michel et Stéphane Borraz

Les auteurs: Fabienne Berger-Remy, Stéphane Borraz, Nathalie Fleck, Benoit Heilbrunn, Margaret Josion-Portail, Marie-Ève Laporte, Jean-Marc Lehu, Géraldine Michel, Claude Pécheux, Ouidade Sabri, Nathalie Veg-Sala, Valérie Zeitoun