Michaela Merk

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PhD, IAE de Paris

After spending 15 years in management positions at L'Oréal, Marionnaud / AS Watson and Estée Lauder and presently being a consultant in marketing and retailing, Michaela Merk has followed the doctoral program of the IAE de Paris. Her university thesis focuses on the relationship between sellers and brands in multi-brand distribution environments. She teaches international marketing, distribution strategy (online-offline) and marketing of luxury goods in many programs abroad. She has contributed to the publication of "Marketing Management - International Perspectives" and has published case studies to the central case and ECCH.

Research Areas

  • Strategic management of the brand
  • The management of retailing
  • Management of international marketing
  • The management of luxury brands


Salesperson–Brand Relationship: Main dimensions and impact within the context of private brand retailingJournal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 2015 (Michel, G., Merk M. and Eroglu, S.)

Marketing Management: International Perspectives, Vijay Editions, 2006, (Merk M. et Xardel D.)


Developing a Sales Force – Brand Relationships Scale29ème Congrès de l'AFM, 16-17 Mai 2013, La Rochelle (Michaela Merk et Géraldine Michel).

Success or failure of innovations - strategies for optimizing brand-retail relationshipsBeauty Alliance Top Management Summit, Weimar, Germany, May 2011, (Merk M.)

Synergies between Luxury & Internet; Trends and winning strategies, Luxury and Digital Conference, Paris, May 2011, (Merk M.) 

Developing a relationship theory between retailers and brands, International Marketing Trends Conference, Paris, November 2010, (Merk M.) 

Luxury and Digital Strategies: A Paradox?, China Luxury Summit, Macao, China, June 2010, (Merk M.)

The Natural Beauty Challenge with particular focus on the German Market, Natural Beauty Summit, Paris, September, 2010, (Merk M.)


  • Strategic management of the brand
  • The management of retailing (deluxe online and offline)
  • Management of international and intercultural marketing
  • The management of luxury brands (luxury cosmetics)
  • Personnel management in Asian contexts
  • The management of luxury brands in Asia
  • The management of luxury brands (especially in the Asian context) `
  • The management of private brands


  • 2011 Excellence Award of trainers