Brand’s Management and Communication


The new course " Brand Management and Communication", Master 2 Marketing and Business Practices, is a degree of initial training provided through learning. It is intended to give students the global knowledge and skills needed to manage brands in the current context .

This diploma will train professionals who exercise in marketing, communication and brand identity departments as brand managers • brand communication managers • e-reputation managers • internal communication managers • responsibles for the employer brand • Researchers in image and awareness. After a few years, career will evolve to the team management of product managers or to support functionsrealted to brand research. This training provides the transversal profiles that communication and brand management trades demand.

April 5, 2014 ( 11 am IAE de Paris -21 rue Broca 75005 ) will be held a briefing dedicated to the meeting of the new course "Brand Management and Communication".

Director of Training : Professor Geraldine Michel
Your contact : Farida Nkaili , Training Manager nkaili.iae @ univ-